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Your ESU Dining Services Team works to provide a dining experience to nourish every Warrior, whether you’re relaxing on the weekends or gearing up for mid-terms. We’re working to provide anything other than the typical dining experience; from theme meals every Thursday to serving up campus favorites at Late Nite, our goal is your satisfaction.

Beyond the Commons

At the library, between classes, or dining in University Center; there is something for everyone at every time of day. We have locations across campus to satisfy every craving with the hours to fit any schedule.

We’ve Moved!

Our sensitive station is now centrally located at the front of our salad bar! (which is mostly made without gluten as well!)

If you’re dining in Dansbury Commons with a food sensitivity, please check out the Dansbury Commons Location page for more information!

ESU Dining Services

We believe it’s no accident that we’re in the middle of campus, it’s a big responsibility to fuel true Warriors, but you better believe we’re up to the challenge putting quality food and satisfaction at the heart of every interaction.

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Bagged Meal Program

East Stroudsburg University Dining Services offers a Bagged Meal Program designed to assist students, with meal plans, that are impacted by schedules that do not allow them to have a meal in Dansbury Commons.  The Bagged Meal Program is available Monday - Friday when classes are in session.
1.      Students (Student teachers, art students, internships, class field trip), with meal plan, needing to participate in this program must complete Bagged Meal Program Form.
2.      Submit the form in person at the Dansbury POD Market Cashier Stand by 4pm two days prior to needing the meal.
3.      Bagged lunches may pick up at the Dansbury Commons POD Market between 7:00 AM and 11:00 AM.  
4.      Bagged dinners may pick up at the Dansbury Commons POD Market between 1:00PM and 4:00 PM.  

If a student has difficulty with either of the two pick up times they should note in on their order form.  However, lunches may not be available before 7:00 AM.